About Us

The Montana West Collection combines all the traditional western elements with modern design. We are the label that combines amazing quality as well as flawless design with competitive pricing. The quality of our fabrics, trims, and hardware are no touch by our competitors. Similar to American West which is an integral part of American History, Montana West handbags are an integral part of the modern cowgirl’s wardrobe. It is more than a handbag. It is an attitude than express the individualism, strength, and trailblazing nature.

Trinity Ranch started with an offer to give something more to our wholesale buyers, and also give then a broader selection of products to attract more new customers. Our new Trinity Ranch has cleaner and classic looks combine with elements of real leather within that design. Moreover, we still keep the same high level of our quality in fabrics, trims and hardware that we already delivered. Whenever you see a customer carrying a Trinity Ranch handbag, you know that person is smart, stylish, and a true western gem!

Where else do you need to go to than Montana West? It’s a world of western fashion!